Premium Binary Privacy Policy

Premium Binary takes your privacy and protection of your private data very seriously.

When it comes to any data that may be collected in the process of using one of our apps, this data is never used for advertising programs nor do we sell any data collected to third parties.

As a general rule we do not collect any data from you, however in the case when data is collected it is only done with your explicit approval. Even in such cases certain data like passwords are never collected.

Any data collected that may be in any way exchanged is always encrypted to protect you and the data that is collected. The encryption used is always done using standards that are approved by the relevant authorities such as Apple or Google.

Premium Binary may collect certain data that is collected anonymously and has the sole purpose of improving the experience, stability and overall quality of the apps. This data is usually in the form of:

At any time you may withdraw consent of data collection by simply accessing the settings and disabling full access.


Periodically, we may make updates to this privacy policy, which will be posted on our web site and within our application. Please check these sources regularly to view our most recent policy. Transfer of control If we sell or transfer part or the whole of Premium Binary, or our assets to another organisation (e.g., in the case of a transaction such as a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, or dissolution), information shared may be included in the transfer or sold items.